BLOG: Back Pain

Back pain can be debilitating and significantly impact your quality of life. In fact, a study from Georgetown University titled Chronic Back Pain reported that adults with chronic back pain were less active and often limited their social activities.

Anyone can have back pain, but here are some common risk factors:

  • Getting older – your spine becomes more fragile
  • Poor physical fitness
  • Being overweight puts extra stress on your back
  • Poor posture like hunching over
  • Inappropriate lifting techniques such as using your back and not your legs
  • Smoking decreases blood flow and increases the risk of osteoporosis

If you have back pain, there are many treatment options available. Acute back pain can often resolve on its own with rest or ibuprofen. However, some people may require additional treatment including hot or cold therapies, exercise, physical therapy, medicine, injections, or surgery.

How Can Therapy Help?

Physical therapy treatment is focused on reducing pain as well as therapeutic exercises to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility and range of motion. Occupational therapists work to assess how pain may be impacting your desired activities and quality of life. They can teach you skills and strategies to manage your pain so it interferes less with your daily life.

If you are suffering from back pain, talk with your doctor about treatment options and ask about physical or occupational therapy. Being proactive will help you get your pain under control.


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