The dream for our Small Homes is to create an environment that is safer than home but just as comfortable.

A “Small House” is designed like a home, not an institution. The designs include a large community room and an open kitchen, surrounded by 10-12 private bedrooms. The smaller space and home-like atmosphere creates shorter walking distances from bedrooms to living areas so that most people can navigate unassisted, allowing them to maintain their independence.

The Doris Malone Rose House

The first “Small House” at the Gardens of Ketcham specializes in “Memory Care.” The Rose House is a 10-bedroom house that promotes self-sufficiency and a safe environment for individuals with dementia or memory problems.

Residents of the Rose House have access to:

  • Fully Functional Kitchen
  • Salon
  • Therapy Gym
  • Private Rooms
  • Private Bathrooms

Learn more about our Small House environment here.